Holidays – Suck

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Family is everything, I spent 1/2 my life without one. As many of you know I was adopted, my father passed away 10 years ago. I still can’t believe it’s been that long, seems like it was just yesterday. My birth mother & I were reunited over 20 years ago, what a blessing in disguise this was. I’ve got a great family who have taken me in. In the middle of the holidays health issues crop up, almost every year – why? Losing part of my family to some nasty disease is not something I care to do. No nothing will happen over the holidays, it’ll take some time – wish I could just stop it for a couple years. 


Server crash 

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The last week has been hell. I received an email stating “the server your site is on experienced a catastrophic failure” they moved it to another sever and restored the latest backup which was from the day before. The problem? It didn’t contain 90% of the images I posted over the years. When you manage a catalog of 200,000 images it’s difficult to find the exact images needed. 

After the server move, my site has been extremely slow. It appears to be a database issue. I’ve emailed support several times. Finally had to gather the log files showing the problem, they couldn’t find anything. Helps if you look.  

I’ve never had any issues with Inmotion hosting prior to this. It’s been several days. Get on it. Did I mention it’s snowing? 

Animals are better than people

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It’s sad people would rather spend time with animals than other people. It’s true however, no one understands or respects other people’s time. It’s always “ill see what happens, I might be able to do that, let’s see what happens” how about just putting aside time to do it & make it happen? Guess I’ll never understand. Call me old fashioned. 

Pudgie – my pug. She’s getting old but is so loyal and caring – love her! 

Printing Woes

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Ugh, I swear printers will be the death of me. When you agree to print photos for clients include the extra time it takes to print photos. When the printer kicks your ass, yes you shoudl charge extra for that. okay, I’m kidding but let me tell you they will be the death of me.

I have a Canon 9500 II photo printer, no it wasnt cheap, takes 9 ink tanks and shoudl just work right? Like seriously, it shouldnt be that hard. I havent used it in over a year, so I expected to replace the ink tanks which i did (9 pack of Canon ink for $149.00 on Amazon) not cheap – replaced all the tanks, calibrated printer & printed a few pictures. All good right? NOT!

All skin tones looked pale green. After a lot of swearing, googling and other random issues I finally found it – bad ink cartridge. Who would’ve thunk!

Follow Thru – Integrity

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Integrity – At the end of the day all you have is your word. I’ve met so many people that just don’t understand this concept. When you say you’re going to do something then follow through. If you do not have the intentions of following thru then why say you will. Take into consideration the person you made plans with, they may have given up something in order to accommodate you.

I can’t tell you how many times photo shoots have been planned then cancelled at the last minute OR not a word about it & they just don’t show up. This is so frustrating. It isn’t even directly related to photo shoots. It’s more in general these days. People just do not give a shit, if you get a “maybe, that could work, I’ll keep you posted, etc…” then make other plans.

Am I the last one on your list? If something comes up you’re gonna bail. Well fuck that. I’m onto other things.

Rant over…


iPhone 7+ Ordered

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iPhone 7 + – I refused to get up at 2 am and order as I’ve done in the past. As the matter of fact I wasn’t even sure i was going to order at all until the keynote on the 7th. No longer an Apple Genius I’m not  in the trenches anymore so it makes it easier. I don’t have to look at them, touch them. After solidifying my Gazelle $300 trade in on my 6s + last week, just in case I decided to get the new one I have that to fall back on if needed.

I decided to do it this morning when I found Verizon handing out healthy trade in amounts. So 7 hours after pre-launch order time, shipping has slipped into November for the “JetBlack” iPhone 7. I expected as such to be honest. Apple always under promises and over delivers so this date didn’t surprise me. Do I think it will take that long, no. Will I have it in September, probably not. October is a big maybe, and more likely

The main reason I opted in, the camera – the ability to shoot raw images was a big deal for me. I could care less about the loss of the headphone jack, who doesn’t have Bluetooth headphones these days. On top of that, an adapter is included in the box!

Compare models 

iphone 7

iphone 7

Apple Security Update is Sour

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My 2015 Macbook Pro is still unusable when installing the Apple critical security update that was released last week. Once installed, reboots & nothing. Cant use any of my apps including ones that came with OSX.

I thought it may have been Filevault’s doing so I restored from Time Machine the 1st time I installed it, then gave it a couple days & tried installing without FileVault turned on. Well same result. 2nd restore of time machine is now in place with no updates to the patch with no plans to install it in the future.

The error message:
You cant open this application “App Store” because it may be damaged or incomplete

Not sure what to do at this point. Nothing is hooked up externally at this point. Every time I install it the only thing connected is the power supply. Unable to grab the logs as I cant even open terminal at this point. I suppose I could’ve tried single user mode but I just needed my machine back so time machine saved the day once again.

If you’re not backing up your stuff, well you have a problem. Do it now!

Update 2-3-17 this ended up being a hardware issue with my laptop. It needed to be sent out for repair where they replaced the logic board and installed a new Retina display – was not a software issue 

College Bound – UWM Milwaukee

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My son started college last year the smart way, taking his gen eds at MATC. Save a few bucks and get it done. He ended up making the deans list, how awesome is that.

Today starts a new chapter that I’m not apart of which is sad. Due to my work schedule and new job I had to travel this week instead of moving him into the dorms like any parent would want to do. UWM Milwaukee is now his new home, enrolled in the nursing program. I couldnt be more proud, did I already say that?

He asked me years ago what should I study in college, like his father his 1st thought was computer science. Um, no. After all the shit I’ve been trough in my career I wasnt about to let him go down that same path. So, I passed on what my father told me years ago “be a doctor, nurse or funeral director – you’ll always have a job” It didnt stick for me but it stuck with Nick.

I couldnt be more proud – Knock em dead!