Harley-Davidson & I soon to be reunited! 

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Most of you know I had a few issues with my Harley-Davidson. Blown motor 5 weeks later we’re about to be reunited. After thinking I didn’t purchase the extended warranty (I normally do the work myself) & finding out I did was such a relief. The final bill came in at $8100, insurance company paying $8050 & me $50 – that 5 weeks just got a whole lot better. I got it back just in time for the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson Rally and spent time with friends and met others. I couldn’t have asked for a better labor day weekend

Harley-Davidson 2006 Fatboy CVO


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Milwaukee Solvay Coke & Gas – Drone flyover!

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Milwaukee Solvay Coke & Gas – Demolition has started – sad day. I’ve been shooting this place for years, sometimes on its own, other times with models. The abstract art work that changes daily & the look of mother nature reclaiming whats hers always add depth & intrigue!

Some great photographers have shared what this place used to look like back in the day. Its great to see how it used to be and where its come. You can visit the Flickr page here for more images! I also have some memories from this place. I was a little late to the party but started shooting this about 5 years ago.

Great Cosplay Shoot with Sarah

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Sarah has always been one of the most creative people I know. Being a gamer, hair stylist she knows just what to bring to a shoot. The creative mind this girl has is a true talent. All the costumes she makes are done by herself and really turn out as a piece of art! Every time she’s in the studio we create beautiful images in a very short period of time. She knows just what to bring and exactly how to model it! 

Minimal editing done completely on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

Connecting with People

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Connecting with people is often a struggle, we get along with certain people better than others, some we just don’t care for at all, then there are the perfect people in your life. The ones that make you stop and think about things, the ones you listen to and value everything they say, the ones that, at times, take your breath away because they know what you’re thinking before you’ve thought of it. Those are the ones you keep in your life! Those are the ones you hang on to and never take for granted, always treat them with respect and never betray them. Keep your word, its the only thing you have at the end of the day. If your word means nothing then quite frankly you need help.

Saying what needs to be said can be one of the hardest things in life to do. You need to do whats best for yourself regardless of the repercussions on other people. One can’t take blame for others feelings or their well being, that is up to them. Be true to you! If you don’t life will pass you by, you’ll become resentful & live life without the excitement and enjoyment you so much deserve. Before you know it life will be over and you’ll have nothing to look back on and smile.

Get on with it!