Shot from yet another Urbex trip with my niece

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One can make several trips to the same place day after day and never see the same thing. Things change, after all the only constant in life is change! It’s spring, it came out of no where, it was 50 degrees but so much colder inside where Mother Nature was reclaiming what was hers so long ago. Water dripping throughout the building with ice covering the entire 1st floor brought temps into the 30’s along with wet shoes and socks. Not to mention a 3 hour drive there and back!

I’ve been to this location a handful of times and I always find something new to shoot. This little electric car was sitting in a hallway shouting for attention. Behind it an old parallel port connector for a computer. This is one of those shots that just make it worth the trip!


What is iCloud? 

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On a daily basis I answer this question. What do I do with iCloud. The answer is relatively simple, iCloud backups up your devices (mobile devices only) stores photos, documents from numerous applications on both computers and mobile devices.

Applications themselves can store data in iCloud. Buying more iCloud storage space will not increase the storage on your devices. Quite a few people ask why they are out of storage when they just bought 20gb. Your device has what it has, you can’t increase it so buy wisely!

3 Months have passed since surgery

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Quintuple Bypass – Done! Starting to get back to life. Its been an amazing experience I don’t want to have to experience again. It has changed my perspective on life as things like this will. I value every single day more than ever. Its hard to explain, I wish I could write something that would make difference for someone.

Its so hard to do, you just have to go through something like this in order to even figure it out or just understand how great you have it, knowing one day that could be gone.

Stop and say thanks once in a while. This whole thing we call life is out of our hands.

Images Made by Pat Hayes

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Images made by Pat Hayes – Transition in Progress

This domain has been dormant for years. I hung on to it as I knew I would use it again at some point. I’ve decided to use this instead of my original photography site After some thought why reflect anything but my name? I’m the one, along with many others that make these photographs.

Yes I work many others at times. Both other photographers & graphic artists to bring you the best experience possible. The digital age has brought a learning curve which never really ends. At times I’ll need help with Photoshop or a second shooter for a wedding or event. Working with others brings a fresh viewpoint and artistic skills I would’ve never been able to accomplish on my own.

A shout out to Sara Sauer she has been instrumental & always willing to go that extra mile to assist if needed. Her work is exceptional!