Spotify or Apple Music

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Most of you know I’m a huge Apple fan. Hands down Spotify just kicks Apple Music’s ass. Granted they’ve had huge head start. Apple you need to get in the game.  Picking up where I left off on any device I own including my vehicle is the cats ass. Works seemless with anything I’ve come across. 

Apple Airpods

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Hands down the best accessory apple has come up with to date. I can’t believe it took me this long to get my hands on them. I just happen to walk into an Apple store & there were 3 of them on the shelf. Lead time has been 6 weeks since they were released. I chose not to order them, …


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No one at work is your friend. They will cut you at the knees the 1st chance they get.  I learned this lesson long ago, someone else just learned it for the 1st time.


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Have you ever got to a point in life where things are stagnant. To the point you’re just stuck in mundane tasks and you settle? I’ve been there many tjmes, then one day I wake up and think wtf am I doing?  It’s time for a new chapter in my book. What will it bring? I have no clue but …


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While I’ve spent many a year in retail as I enjoy working with people. Being on the road working as a field service engineer is a blessing. While traveling can be taxing, it does have its rewards. Sight seeing time permitting of course, rental cars, if you do it right you will drive a pretty cool car. This week has …

Deceit & Deception

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Deceit & Deception It’s crazy how people function these days. Over the last few years I’ve witnessed empty promises, saying things just to say them with no meaning behind it at all & then just falling off the planet like they never existed.  How does one look in the mirror and be happy? So many people living day to day …

Cathedral Rock – Sedona, Arizona

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You may not of heard of Cathedral Rock, but I’ll bet you’ve seen pictures of it.  Sunset shots of Cathedral Rock are one of the iconic images of the Southwest and it is on the ‘bucket list’ of many a photographer.  Situated near the beautiful little town of Sedona Arizona, it is in the heart of the famous “Red Rock” landscape …

Travel for a living

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I drive, fly a lot. When you’re a field engineer it’s all about the location. Luckily I have a great vehicle to travel in when I’m on the road. Flying has been a challenge. I finally found an airline that caters to YOU! Southwest Airlines is by far the best airline I’ve ever used. The 1st 2 bags are free. …

1 Percent

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Being an avid photographer you know every shot wont turn out the best. Of course, you wish that was the case. I shoot for 1% (yes, thats 1 out of 100) I’m talking the one shot that takes ur breath away and you stop and stare. Knowing you nailed it. Thanks Maria for being amazing