Travel for a living

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I drive, fly a lot. When you’re a field engineer it’s all about the location. Luckily I have a great vehicle to travel in when I’m on the road. Flying has been a challenge. I finally found an airline that caters to YOU! Southwest Airlines is by far the best airline I’ve ever used. The 1st 2 bags are free. I always have 1 suitcase & a tool bag for on site visits. That still leaves me with 2 carry on bags. Plenty of room for anything you might need. If flying anything but “I want to get away fare” you’re allowed to switch your flights right in the mobile app. So convenient when you finish a job a day earlier than expected. Yes you must pay the difference in airfare but it’s normally very close. At times it’s less. 

If you travel as much as I do make sure to get TSA Precheck certified so you don’t have to take your shoes off, take your laptop out or stand in the really long lines. Much shorter and quicker than doing it the regular way. Yes, it costs money but not that much. $85 to apply which is good for 5 years. You’ll need 2 forms of identification (passport, birth certificate & drivers license or equivalent id) it takes about a week to get approved. If you don’t for some strange reason you’ll lose the $85 you paid. It’s not refundable. 

So fly Southwest!!!!