What's this guy all about? What does he know about photography? How do I know this isn't just a guy with a camera? 
I have been interested in photography for more years than I care to count at this point. When I was 8 my grandfather (who also loved photography) gifted me a camera for my birthday. Yes I had a 35mm film camera at the ripe age of 8. Digital wasn't even a thought at that point. This included several rolls of film & a promise - he would pay for those rolls to be developed. I don't recall exactly how many rolls there were, I do know it was over 10. He had one request "before you take a picture study the image you're about to take & look for something that captures your eye" That was the best advice! 
I burnt through those rolls of film in a couple weeks. He followed through with his promise! At the time there was this thing called slides, my grandfather had a slide projector with a carousel for loading many slides at a time. We sat in his basement and went through the pictures I took. Some good and some bad, I'm sure bad came to mind while we were looking at them. He would never let me know that however, every shot was an opportunity! We spent countless hours studying those 1st rolls of film. He would ask what did you see when you took that, what was to the left & right of each picture, could you have framed it better to show more of this or that. I was hooked!
2 years later for christmas i had my own enlarger, chemicals, a red light & a dirty dark room in the basement of my parents house. When that first image came to life on paper I knew this would become a life long passion of mine! Here we are! I became a creative, with style. 
Some would say "style" I'm not sure I would classify your bald, tattooed, goatee yielding hotness as "style" to each their own.
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